A life written in RED ink
A life written in RED ink  not-as-planned stories

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Note: all image used ,are to portray the writers feeling and not to focus or label anyone in the image!!!

A life written in RED ink

The mind of this lame retreatist ,

Was once ambitious ;

Waking up to fight ,

To own the glorious crown

And surely a pay top dollar mansion .

Once or twice he got hit in life combat ,

Boldly,he stood up to it ,

But unfair to him, Life punches where so hard and fast .

so ,he only rose again to rise below .

Then his spirit got defeated ,

His counter spirit got countered hard ,

Till it quenched .

So his only goal now , Is nothing than a daily bread,

To keep him breathing , In his lonely abode ,

Till he later find peace; Somewhere below the soil.

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