Please Keep Fighting
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Something I wrote for the daily prompt

Please Keep Fighting

This is for all the girls, boys, and anything in between who have a bloodied blade hidden in their sock drawer.

The ones who cover up their arms and legs with jeans and sweaters even in the summer.

This is for all the ones who turn down plate after plate of delicious meals, and the ones who eat them, but then immediately rush to the bathroom to throw it up.

The ones who gradually get thinner and thinner until they can barely live.

This is for all the ones who can’t seem to get out of this dark cloud of depression, despair haunting their everyday lives.

This is for the ones who have heart racing, earth shattering anxiety attacks each and every day, the ones who have to pretend everything’s okay,

when it feels like the world is closing in on them.

This is for the ones who stare at their prescription pills, wondering if any of this is worth it. Wondering if they should just do it.

This is for you, and everyone I could have missed.

Everyone has their own battles to fight. Please, keep fighting yours.

(Please PM me If you need to talk about anything) (I might not reply straight away, but I will get to you soon) (I know I’m making it sound like it’s easy to just not kill yourself, but it’s not. It’s okay if you can’t do it alone, that doesn’t make you weak. If you

Need a little help from a doctor, psychiatrist, psychologist, therapist etc then get the help you need) (Thanks for reading, you beautiful people xoxo)

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