A Gift
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abuse and sexual assault mentions warning

A Gift

On a solemn, frigid birthday in January, I'll give you a gift you'll be sure to remember.

Though it won't be wrapped in a pretty red box, I'm sure it will console all of your woes.

My gift to you is your childhood innocence, the one you've lost so much of, with countless strikes with a leather belt to your hands.

My gift to you is safety and security, and for you to know you're okay and away from that horrible man that made your life miserable.

My gift to you is happiness, which you've not had much of from the scarred cuts on your wrists and thighs.

My gift to you is good friends, who will never abandon you heartlessly because of your past.

My gift to you is a will to live, because I know the nightmares keep you up, but when you wake, I'll be beside you.

My gift to you is me. I promise you, I'll never let you fall into the manipulative hands of that man who slapped you, threw you, and tied you down and stroked you in places you wanted to keep private.

I promise I'll protect you, until the sun falls and the gorgeous stars begin to fill up the empty void.

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