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shesays cause words are afterall all we have🌸
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Fierce are my dreams they walk on.
I'm in pain,
For diseased is my blood or broken is my soul?
Night is here,
I can't sleep,
Am I anxietic of not wanting to wake up to another day,
Of looking around to find myself alone.
I ask what is it that I've been ignoring for years,
That, which has been residing within,
Breathing like me but thinking differently.
Bold but I've my ways in emotions,
Strong but I'm too weak to not cry,
Looking forward but the past still haunts me,
What is it that doesn't like the idea of moving on.
It doesn't look forward to Saturday nights,
It's same in every dark sky!
It likes the void,
Void that has no limits.
Found my comfort in moon,
It doesn't show up everytime,
I liked the sun,
It shined too bright in my eyes,
I shut the sky.
I found love after love,
I pushed it afar,
It tells me,
They won't have a chance to leave if I left first,
That sounds like an idea!
Let's talk, but who do I ask that?
They think I'm fine,
But I ain't too fine.
Not everyone can see the depths,
The ones who saw aren't around anymore,
I left some but more left me.
Not everyone's favourite,
I'm just mediocre!
It's just these words that talk about me,
I don't, I won't ever.
What matters is their beliefs,
Mine are just dust over reality,
So, I say I'm fine,
But I ain't too fine.
~Saakshi Rajkumar.

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