You Say (Let Us Live)

You Say (Let Us Live) frustration stories

sherena18 Call me Ace~Taken~Poet From the ❤
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This isn't really a poem, but more like a rant that I had to share. I'm sick and tired of watching what my generation has to go through. Every day I see not only myself but those of my age around me, get torn down every time they try to live a little. It's truly saddening and I wish the generation above us/our parents would realize that.

You Say (Let Us Live)

You say we need to go outside and experience the world,

but when we try you tell us no.

You say that we can't go out with a friend

and when we kindly ask why,

you say we're back talking with attitude.

You say we need to be more responsible,

but shut us inside and give us no chances to learn responsibility.

You say we shouldn't listen to depressing music

that depression and sadness is optional,

but maybe YOU should try stepping in our shoes.

We want so badly to make a life that makes you proud,

but that's hard when you won't let us create one.

We want to be able to confide in you with everything

but when we open up our hearts you say we're being selfish.

We shut ourselves in our rooms

because it's YOUR intimidation won't let us out.

You say that when we think sadly of our lives,

that it's all our fault.

That WE caused chose the unthinkable thoughts.

That WE made the undo mistakes.

That WE are the ones stopping ourselves from living,

from writing our destinies,

from making our lives OURS.

You don't realize that your controlling power

the intimidation that radiates of you,

makes us scared to stand up.

You say we need to learn how to stand up for ourselves,

how to fight for what we believe

but that's hard when every time we try,

you shut us down and tell us we are doing wrong.

You say things to us,

tell us what we need to do with our lives,

but every time we try to do what you say

you turn hypocritical and make us the bad guy.

And you wonder why we want to end it all.

You make us feel like we are nothing.

Like we're a bunch of disappointments.

And it's time for you to realize,

YOU'RE the one that needs to open YOUR eyes.

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