The Ring

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sherena18 Call me Ace 14~Taken~Poet From the ❤
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I swear I've found an amazing guy... but why did I get the good fortune?

The Ring

He pulled me aside,

Said I have something for you

That's when the ring came out

And I took a run down love avenue

It wasn't a promise band,

But just a little present

A little prairie diamond,

And up my feelings went

You used to wear it yourself

Which makes it all the more special

I swear I couldn't stop blushing,

My heartbeat raising a level

It's been exactly a week

Since we both went started falling

And, God, I've never felt so loved

Our times together, I keep recalling

You told me yesterday,

That the ring was to remember you, my favorite guy

But there is no way in hell,

My mind would ever let you say good-bye

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