My Last Day

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sherena18 Call me Ace~Taken~Poet From the ❤
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Please, when I die, keep me alive in memories.

My Last Day

I'm sorry to say,

But this is my last day.

Please, don't ever forget me.

I want my story to be heard.

I want everyone to realize,

That there was always hurt behind these young eyes.

No one wanted me.

I'm saying my farewell,

For I may go to Hell.

But I want everyone to look into someone's eyes,

And find a reason to make them stay.

Too many people die each day,

But sometimes, it's the only way.

The only way out of misery

The only way out of their terrible lives.

My life was a living nightmare,

And this was the only way I could ever wake up.

I'm saying farewell,

To all those close,

Please keep my memory alive.

The memory of a girl, who died, because no one wanted to take her in

Because no one wanted to love her.

Because no one wanted to care.

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