It Happened This Morning...
It Happened This Morning...  car accident stories

sherena18 Call me Ace~Taken~Poet From the ❤
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I experienced my first car crash today. I was sitting in the front passenger seat and I was so scared. But I'm just glad my siblings are safe and untouched.

It Happened This Morning...

We were driving down the muddy road,

the kind loved by a slimy toad.

Everything was going just fine

until the truck fell out of line.

The muddy road sent us about

as we swerved, too scared to shout.

Three times we swerved,

until at the end we curved.

The truck hit a tree,

and stopped real close to me

as I sat in the passenger seat,

not a moment later, on my feet.

I turned around to hear my sister's cry,

and crawled to the back before asking why.

She was crying and scared

but none of us were impaired.

The front doors wouldn't open

so I told my mom I'd see what was broken.

The front was all banged up,

the side with a dent the size of a pup.

Just knowing what could have been

how it would have happened and when.

If we would have been back further,

we'd have rolled into the river.

Then we wouldn't have been so lucky

might have even come out bloody.

It was so frightening, what went down,

today could have been my last sight of town.

I'm just so thankful we are all okay

but I'll think of this accident each and every day.

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