Holding Hope

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sherena18 Call me Ace~Taken~Poet From the ❤
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Wrote this one few months ago and thought it fit everything going on. Hope you like it.

Holding Hope

The world around us is changing

and everything is so different now.

Though this time may be tough,

it's just something we have to allow.

Times are changing,

and today doesn't look the same,

but eventually there will be an end

to this everlasting game.

Everywhere you look

not a soul seems to be in sight.

As we try to stay healthy.

As we try to do what's right.

Some of us are going crazy

while others are just going about.

Some of us are holding hope close,

while others are filled with doubt.

We have to find ourselves,

in the dark times like this.

But if we keep holding on to hope,

soon we'll be filled with great bliss.

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