Helping You Through

                                             Through sexual-assault-awareness stories

sherena18 Call me Ace~Taken~Poet From the ❤
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Sexual assault is never a pretty thing and never will be. It hurts so many people and in more ways than most can even think of. It may take a lot of courage, but once your story is out there, it's like a burden lifted from your chest. You have to keep fighting and be strong. You. Are. Not. Alone.

Helping You Through

I'll help you through this

just take my hand.

I know you're scared,

but be strong and take a stand.

I know the pain

that you went through.

It was so hard to see

the stuff that he would do.

I missed seeing you smile,

like you did before.

Before he was the one

to slam your door.

You were so bright

for so long.

Then he tore you down

and stole your song.

He weakened you.

He cut you deep.

He didn't care,

as you sat there to weep.

But that's gone now.

It's all in the past.

I promise you now,

this fearfulness won't last.

We don't have to go back

to where you've been.

But he can't touch you now,

so it's okay to be you again.

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