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sherena18 Call me Ace 14~Broken~Poet From the ❤
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Shout out to all the flautist out there!!

As The Music Flows

The melody flows through the halls

The sound echoing off the walls

Her fingers press lightly on the keys

Not daring to freeze

Her silver instrument is held up high

Vertically aligned with the sky

Warm air flows between her lips

And out the beautiful sound slips

Page after page she goes

When the instrument will stop, only she knows

Sitting straight up in her chair

Her talent sets off a flare

Only a few more pages to go

Till she'll look up at the judge's hopeful glow

Note after note goes by

Faster then slower, the notes fly

Finally she has found the end

She stands, and allows her back to bend

Bowing, she's surrounded with applause

Rated the best, for she showed no flaws

The uneasy part is now tame,

All that waits, is the shot of fame

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