Ten years ago I wrote this, Let me take you back to my young mind...
Ten years ago I wrote this, 

Let me take you back to my young mind... true stories

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When paper, meets ink it highlights,

Ten years ago I wrote this, Let me take you back to my young mind...

When paper,

meets ink it highlights,

little things that don't matter

Often splits,

society into rich or suffering,

oblivious all are the latter

Baffled when,

confronted with random,

puzzle pieces to be connected

As life,

is like a jigsaw,

except the end result is the unexpected

Like a ripple,

on the surface

let unfold through us whats meant to be

Calm still,

waters below watches,

peacefully, true love is let free

Caught in,

turbulent rapids

by limits put on our existence

Deep eternal

empty, engaged but

to perceice is our substance

Blindfolded we are,

in life, hidden from our eyes,

our pure true power within

That the world,

is just our mind

which creates, suffers from and plays in

And it drains,

our spirit that we don't

grasp with our fingers

The chains,

on the door, control isn't gone,

yet anxiety lingers

In insecurity,

we wont open,

conditioned to block

Out the light,

inside ourselves

has always been the key to the lock.

These strict,

limitations on life,

minds came together and insisted

Physical life,

is short yet

time endless so we have barely existed

We needed,

rules and regulations

to give life and death importance

To strive,

use time and get

presumed born lacking self acceptance

Spitting fire,

regardless of the human

races, the planets great fatality

It is our

mind that keeps

on dreaming, circling this reality

Our conflicted,

involvement in ever

changing surroundings unrefused


within the already

present power and strength, confused

We keep on

living a dream we're unaware

we're in, sleeping is our waking

What is,

considered real,

our known, is just us mistaking

That control,

isn't ours, each going

rouge fighting in battle alone

Against fate,

mind created when a path

was already laid out in stone

True reality,

is waiting,

in the unknown, not the dream which is fake

We're dreaming,

all night then

to dream again, never choose to wake

And simply,

forgetting the truth

inside that we have known

And to

remember all in life,

all we become attached to or are shown

Is ever

changing, inconsistent,

yet has already been and died

Our true,

self is before,

time and space had its title, meaning or divide

Light, pure,

love using our lives

here to express, engage and pursue

A harmony

we and all life crave,

a unity and not to be split in two

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