Lucky stars and the moon
Lucky stars and the moon symbolism stories

shelbyon38 bad w/ words despite the fact i write
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Love like sweet honey, you’re my sweet honey

Lucky stars and the moon

Before you I didn’t know what it was to love I didn’t know what it was to want to kiss a thousand times before you left to go home with tingling fingertips and butterflies in my stomach There was an unfamiliarity to falling asleep waiting to see you the next sunrise

And alas, you couldn’t be mine You lived in the dark because you put the stars in someone else’s sky But, they didn’t like the stars and they didn’t care about your darkness

I watched you from afar and longed to hear you speak with your soul And see you fall in love And laugh and cry But with me

You interlocked your own hands around your heart to try and keep it from breaking You had no idea you were hurting yourself to keep something together that was as dangerous to you as a match is to a library

And I just wanted Wanted you and wanted you to be happy most of all I wanted to help you and fix you and bring you back to feeling something other than pain

And somehow I did With my nervous stomach and my scrambled words and sweaty hands You wanted me Of all things

I was clueless and clumsy and you fell for me somehow And for me you did more than put the stars in the sky You put moon there, too So, I brought you into the light you gave me

It’s been three years and still the night is my favorite thing we share I thank my lucky stars for it And the moon, too

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