All We Must Be (Chapter One - Part Two)
All We Must Be (Chapter One - Part Two) todoroki x deku stories

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The continued chapter one of All We Must Be! Set nine years after Class 1-A graduates from the prestigious U.A High! I linked the original site I posted it on this time!

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All We Must Be (Chapter One - Part Two)

Author's Note: I posted this work on Archive of Our Own under the same name! Please go check it out! Thank you for reading!

"Midoriya, what did you just say?" He inquired, almost as though he were panicked.

Midoriya shook his head and finished getting Todoroki buckled, shutting the passenger door before he sat down on the driver's side.

He started the car, pulling out of the now-empty parking lot. It was a good thing it was dark, though, otherwise someone might've seen how close he'd gotten to Shouto.

"You should take a shower when you get home, okay?"

Todoroki was already asleep. When they arrived there, Midoriya stepped out of the car and managed to get Todoroki onto his back, although it was difficult to carry someone taller.

After they got inside, Midoriya sat Todoroki down on the couch, struggling out of his unconscious friend's arms. "Shouto-kun, I have to go..."

Todoroki mumbled something, pulling Midoriya into him. "Shouto!" At his little shout in surprise, Todoroki became fully conscious.

"Stay with me. I've been getting lonely here all alone." He murmured into Midoriya's ear, which sent a slight shiver down his spine, a blush creeping across his youthful face.

And so Midoriya slept there that night, trying to ignore the butterfly feeling in his stomach.

In the morning, Todoroki awoke to empty arms, a throbbing headache, and the sound of the shower running. He tried to get to his feet, but stumbled and plopped back down on the couch.

What happened last night and who was in his house? Midoriya stepped out of the bathroom a second later, looking at Todoroki with his big smile. Something in his eyes, though, was bothering him.

Todoroki frowned at this fact.

"What happened last night?" He instantly inquired, not bothering to worry about anything else. However, when Midoriya's face turned bright red, he knew there was something to worry about.


The green haired man hadn't felt more embarrassed in his entire life. Even when he had a crush on Uraraka. "Shouto-kun, y-you asked if I would marry you if you proposed.

A-And then you asked me to stay because you were getting...l-lonely." Shouto closed his eyes, deciding that he didn't need to get up from the couch.

Midoriya came and knelt down in front of him, smiling.

"Why did you decide to bring me home?" He glanced down at Midoriya, feeling vulnerable to his friend's gaze.

Midoriya chortled, looking away for a moment, cheeks tinted slightly pink.

"Please, don't think this sounds cheesy, but it makes me happy to be with you...Makes it easier to cope with my mom's death." Midoriya met his eyes, but this time, Todoroki had to look away.

"You like it when I say Shouto-kun, don't you?" Todoroki covered his face with an arm, trying to hide his blush, though he couldn't hide the lump on his crotch.

Midoriya leaned in a bit closer, amused by Todoroki's flustered expression. However, a moment later, Midoriya's phone started buzzing violently in his back pocket.

He hurriedly fished it out, fumbling with it for a moment before a panicked expression crossed his face. "There's a robbery downtown.

Looks like the villain has some type of metamorphosis Quirk." Izuku got to his feet, pulling Shouto off the couch. "Let's hurry..."

The two showed up at the scene, each in their hero costumes. The robbers instantly turned towards them and three of them transformed into animals.

The first, a bear, then a tiger, and lastly a lion. While the three animals charged at the two heroes, the other two robbers dove into the back.

Todoroki gritted his teeth, moving an arm to swipe the three animals out of the way with his ice, turning to Midoriya to tell him to chase the other two, but...He was already gone.

Todoroki smiled slightly, stomping a foot down on his ice to melt it. The robbers had already regained their balances and charged again, but Todoroki dodged.

The tiger swiftly moved, tackling Todoroki to the ground. It dug its claws into his chest, but Todoroki grabbed its leg and burned it, moving a hand to trap the other two in ice.

The tiger, after whimpering a few moments, transformed back into a human and ran off, most likely to find the other two.

As he ran off, Todoroki noticed the gun strapped to his back and chased after him, glancing around the bank. This place was big. He could've gone in any direction.

"Deku!" Todoroki called, just as a gunshot rang out. Midoriya was fast. He could've dodged it. But...if he was fighting two others, then he could've been taken off-guard.

Todoroki frowned at the thought of Midoriya being hurt and ran in the direction of the noise. Todoroki rushed down into the basement, where they kept most of the keys.

Lying there was a bleeding Midoriya and the unconscious robbers that had originally chased after him.

The third one was digging through boxes and boxes of the old files when he finally noticed Todoroki, who was flaming explosively on one side while the other side began to freeze over.

Before the robber even got to his gun, Todoroki had swept out his feet and stomped directly onto his face, unintentionally freezing him. Midoriya stirred, slowly getting to his feet.

He looked over at Todoroki, who was repeatedly stomping on his face.

Midoriya watched for a moment and then began to cry. "Todoroki-kun, stop!" He froze, turning towards Midoriya with an actually terrified expression. "He's unconscious already."

Todoroki's fire and ice calmed down as he approached Midoriya, reaching out to look at his arm where the bullet had lodged itself deep in.

"Don't cry, Midoriya," with the other hand, he wiped his tears away. "Come on, the police will be here soon."

For once, Todoroki felt absolutely disgusting.

Author's Note (Again, sorry guys!) -Thanks for reading! All art goes to its rightful owners. I found the backgrounds here:

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