All We Must Be (Chapter One - Part One)
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Set nine years after Class 1-A graduates from the prestigious U.A High! The class always had a reunion around this time of year, where everyone showed up and chatted. Sometimes they'd go to dinner and shock the waiters with how many of them there were. Other times it ended awkwardly and everyone parted ways too early in the evening. But this time, their reunion was going to last a little longer than expected.

All We Must Be (Chapter One - Part One)

((Disclaimer- I do not own BNHA and only wrote this for fun!!!)) Nine years already? Shouto closed his eyes with a soft sigh, getting up from his desk. He was definitely not old. Right? He was questioning himself too much as of late.

Shouto took off his glasses and set them down, heading for the office exit in the agency. Todoroki glanced at his watch, sighing once more. He'd been doing that a lot of times these days.

Once he had arrived at the school, he stepped out his car and glanced about, making sure no news reporters were around.

Shouto looked down at his old student I.D card clipped to his jeans at the waist, trying to hold back another sigh.

In front of the school, sitting on the steps was Midoriya. The green haired man glanced up and offered a big smile.

How did he look so young? The corner of Todoroki's lips upturned into an attempt at a smile, which Midoriya gently laughed at. Izuku got to his feet, watching as Todoroki approached him.

"C'mere," Midoriya pulled him into a hug. "It's been quite a while, hasn't it?" Todoroki grunted in response, patting his friend's back.

Midoriya pulled away slightly, tears in the corner of his eyes.

This unsettled Shouto to the point where he pulled Midoriya back into a hug. "I heard about your mom..."

A few days prior to their annual reunion, Inko Midoriya had unfortunately passed away after six months in the hospital. Footsteps from afar began approaching them. It was the rest of the class, all on time.

Yaoyorozou raised an eyebrow at the sight of Midoriya and Todoroki hugging, but they were soon pulling away from each other and awkwardly standing separately.

"Did you two come together?" She asked, earning a little laugh from Midoriya. Jirou appeared beside her, wrapping an arm around Momo. "Because Jirou and I did."

Todoroki calmly shook his head, feeling the intense stare of Midoriya. It wasn't really intense as much as captivating -almost like big, green puppy dog eyes.

Midoriya could get just about anyone to do anything with those eyes. And his smile. And his great personality.

Where was Shouto going with all this? It was probably good that someone so pure of heart had eyes like that. "Midoriya, please stop staring at me."

Todoroki turned away awkwardly, glancing over his shoulder at Midoriya, who began distracting himself with talking to the rest of his classmates.

Ojiro dawdled his way over to Todoroki. "Hey," at first he got no response. "Hey, man. How are you?"

Todoroki glanced up, trying to keep his eyes away from Midoriya. "Alright. You?" Todoroki always chose words with the least amount of syllables. It always seemed to work out in the end.

"Pretty good. Did you know that Midoriya keeps glancing your way? Did he do something to you?" Ojiro noticed the worried expression on Shouto's face, found it unsettling, and walked away.

Most of them knew that Todoroki really often wasn't emotional until it came down to his family or Midoriya.

Shouto glanced over at Midoriya and they locked eyes for a split second before the green haired man looked away, offering his big smile to someone else.

Shouto's stomach churned at the thought of Midoriya smiling again, and because of it, he forced himself to sit.

Why was he thinking about Midoriya like that? He didn't want to ruin a friendship like that. He was so deep in thought that he didn't notice someone talking to him.

Midoriya knelt down in front of him, which Todoroki thought slightly unnecessary, as he was sitting on one of the fold-up chairs near the front of the school.

"Shouto-kun, are you okay?" When he didn't receive an answer, he reached up and pressed his hand to Todoroki's forehead. "Momo said you've been working hard recently.

Maybe you're sick from lack of sleep." Todoroki really hated it when Midoriya said his name. He wouldn't admit it to anyone else, but that turned him on.

He gently swatted off Midoriya's hand just as Kirishima shouted out to everyone, asking where they should go for dinner. Sato replied with a new restaurant he'd found.

Midoriya got to his feet with Todoroki. "Hey, Shouto-kun, can I take your car to the restaurant? I walked here and I think it's pretty far."

He gave an awkward smile, but relaxed when Todoroki gave a calm nod. Why was Midoriya using 'Shouto-kun' more than necessary? Did he see his reaction? Was he teasing him?

Todoroki brushed that aside and everyone piled into their cars. It took an hour for everyone to arrive due to miscommunication from Sato.

When they all finally managed to get there, the hostess at the front was shocked at their numbers, but still managed to cram them into a table.

There were three tables squished together in a corner, and with twenty chairs, there was no elbow room...anywhere. Even if someone was sitting at a corner, there was someone else right next to them.

After they got settled in, Momo asked everyone, "Split the check?" They all agreed until Minetta quietly squeaked that he didn't have a wallet.

"Who's nice enough to pay for him?" Everyone put a finger on their nose except for Midoriya, who smiled.

Even Iida, who you'd think would be willing to lend help to someone in need, didn't want to deal with the little pervert.

They would probably end up getting sued for harassment and one of the top heroes didn't need that on his track record.

Of course, Midoriya didn't really either, but the thought hadn't really crossed his mind. He was only thinking of the times where his own friends had helped him.

He put up a hand to reassure Minetta. "Don't worry. I'll pay for you." The small man nodded gratefully just as the waitress came up.

She looked rather excited, ignoring Minetta's drooling very skillfully. They all assumed she knew the class that well to avoid the ball-head.

The nickname had been given to him by a two-year old child who saw him in passing on the sidewalk.

Mina and Denki insisted that they change his hero name, but they very clearly did not win that fight.

"Wow! The famous Class 1-A is here! So exciting!" She squealed before gathering composure.

"What can I get for everyone?" It took half an hour for everyone to order and another hour passed before everyone got their meals.

Ojiro and Tokoyami were chatting about their agency where they had both worked at for a while now, saying that lots more sidekicks were coming in.

Aoyama and Koda were having a one-sided conversation, and as you might've guessed, Aoyama was the one talking.

Tsuyu and Shoji were complaining about sore joints and how Tsuyu's tongue had become a weird color for about a week before changing back.

Surprisingly, Hagakure and Sato were talking about desserts, which was something they both liked very much.

And then Uraraka managed to bring up the subject of marriage, giving a sly grin to everyone at the table.

"So, who's planning to get married in the next couple of years? I know we'll probably bring it up next year, but this is a good opportunity!"

They all internally let out a groan, knowing that at least half of them were single/ never going to get married to the person they were seeing.

Yaoyorozou held up a hand and pointed at her bare ring finger. "I'm proposing to Jirou when we finally go to an amusement park."

Todoroki raised an eyebrow, thinking that things like that were supposed to be a surprise.

Bakugo then bragged about the ring he was going to get Kirishima, while Kirishima insisted that they hadn't even spoken about marriage before this.

Surprisingly, a lot of them were going to get married. Of course, the entire class was invited -except for maybe Bakugo- but Kirishima would end up bringing him anyway.

In that time, half of them managed to get drunk. The usually sober Todoroki was one of them.

The ten who hadn't touched a drop of alcohol agreed to take one drunk person home each, Momo clearly taking Jirou home and Kirishima obviously taking Bakugo.

Midoriya had ended up sitting next to Todoroki, so he decided why not? He was sure Todoroki had taken care of him at some point before too.

Besides, he was pretty sure that Yaoyorozou and himself were the only people who actually knew where he lived.

Everyone made sure that everything was paid for and decided to part ways.

Midoriya searched Todoroki's pockets for his car keys, lifting him out of the chair and slinging his arm around his shoulders. "Come on, Shouto-kun. We've just got to make it to the car."

He used the keys to unlock the car, setting Todoroki down in the passenger seat. "Shouto-kun, are you--" Midoriya glanced down for a moment. Jeez. How drunk was he to get a boner from nothing? "--okay?"

Todoroki mumbled something, but not in response to Midoriya's question.

He spoke a bit louder the second time around, "Midoriya if I asked you to marry me, would you say yes?" This really took him a moment. What was Todoroki jabbering about?"I asked a question."

Midoriya offered an awkward smile. "S-Shouto-kun, you're really drunk. It's only because we talked about marriage earlier with them. Let's get you home before you spout any more nonsense."

He didn't want to be saying things like that, but quite frankly, he wouldn't mind marrying Todoroki.

Gah! No! What was he thinking? Todoroki was drunk, anyway, and the next day he would probably completely forget about it.

"Stop saying that," Todoroki slurred, pulling on Midoriya's sleeve. "Give me a straight answer." Midoriya tried to get out of his grasp, not wanting to hurt him by prying his fingers off.

Todoroki was definitely stronger if they didn't use their Quirks.

Midoriya bent over, whispering in his ear, "What would you do if I said yes?" Todoroki's heterochromatic eyes widened at the answer, and he seemed to be sober for a moment.

Midoriya pulled away, examining Todoroki's face with a soft smile.

"Midoriya, what did you just say?"

Author's Note - Thank you for reading the first part of the first chapter! *wipes sweat off forehead* whew, glad that's over with! Hope you enjoy it and please feel free to tell me if there are any grammar mistakes!! (i very much appreciate it.) also, the art in the background belongs to its respective owners!!!

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