Breathing Dead
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shefalibanerjiCocooned in fantasy, wings of ambition
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Breathing Dead

by shefalibanerji

I've been surviving

too long on Jack Daniel's and Rolling Stones.

I've been threatened

too long by my own insecurities.

Mother has been careless

for too long.

Father has been nameless

for too long.

Questions remained unanswered

for too long.

I've been breathing on this big blue marble

for too long.

Time has ceased to retain its meaning

for too long.

- A faceless beast devouring life

with its dirty, blackening fangs for too long.

Life is hapless, life is hopeless,

life has been put on hold for too long.

Too long, too long, too long has it been

since I buried the corpse of love in the pool of betrayal that you'd dug out for me.

I could have sought a rebirth but I've been dead -

not living, merely breathing for too long. It's too late now.

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