6 Slides about Shefali Banerji
6 Slides about Shefali Banerji  stories

shefalibanerjiCocooned in fantasy, wings of ambition
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6 Slides about Shefali Banerji

by shefalibanerji

I grew up in India .

Growing up here was interesting because well, it is Incredible India after all!

In my spare time I write poetry, short stories.

I initially got into this because I love reading poems, stories, novels, so I thought, why not write them myself.

My proudest moment was when

I got published for the first time.

My dream is to become a successful poet-writer .

I want this because weaving poetry and creating stories is my passion.

Now, I am a student .

I am pursuing studies in English Literature.

I'm excited about this because it's a platform where I can showcase my work.

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