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A young man finds himself intertwined in a web of memories that do not belong to him.


It was unlike any other garden he had visited. The feeling was harrowing, and he felt it throughout his body. It wasn't just a feeling; it was more like memories that weren't his.

A scent filled his nostrils, sounds rang clear in his ears and he could almost taste the thick air around him. He couldn't move. He didn't want to move.

The sadness was so overwhelming yet so important. He decided to stay.

An hour passed. The sun was fierce and the breeze barely made it through the Japanese Maple trees bordering the garden.

Even still he waited patiently, observing his surroundings with a watchful eye. The sadness hadn't left him, but the memories were so clear now that he understood.

A mother sitting under the shade of the trees watching her twins intently as they weaved a spell so intricate it was like nothing existed but them.

Amaya and Selena were born different. They came into the world with such power that even the midwives at the hospital were reluctant to check in on them.

They couldn't explain why but something told them to stay as far away as possible. At the age of 2 the girls spoke in a language only they understood.

They were bonded by a dialect that not only contained words but an energy that was interwoven throughout their every being.

Aurelia, their mother, was welcomed by her girls as was their father but anyone else who laid their eyes upon them seemed to shudder away in confusion.

The girls inherited thick chestnut coloured hair from their father and deep-set dark eyes from their Grandfather.

Their sweet, innocent faces however came from Aurelia and the many generation of women before her. Their powers were not inherited but created from fear.

Aurelia was a hard-working young woman who was intent on graduating university with a degree in physics. She studied full time and worked part time at a local bakery.

She was quiet but friendly to all she knew and when not at university or at work, preferred to be at home where she felt most safe.

She suffered from anxiety that for many years caused her to stay home for the majority of her existence.

Aurelia still had memories of the day her anxiety began. It was the day she told her husband that they were expecting a baby. The two were sitting at a local cafe when she told Leander the news.

He smiled. She felt a genuine warmth and joy emanate from him and she hugged him tightly. They were young, some would say, but mature and ready for this new stage in their lives.

Then the man appeared from inside the cafe and plunged a knife into the right side of her chest. The fear of losing her baby was the only thought that overcame her.

She did not feel any pain, nor could she hear or see anything around her. She felt a surge of electricity jolt through her body and saw hands wrap around her womb from within. She saw blackness.

Aurelia awoke some time later with Leander sitting beside her, a worried expression on his face.

"You are going to be alright" he smiled weakly at her but she sensed the reassurance he was attempting to give.

"My baby?"

"Our babies are just fine" Leander smirked as he placed his hands upon hers.

"Babies? Twins?" Aurelia felt the surging jolt within her once again and knew in that moment that their children would not simply be like any other children.

She also sensed a fear that told her she would spend her life protecting them not only from others but from themselves.

Selena and Amaya stood in their carefully manicured garden with all their concentration poured onto a single piece of twine with was help by the twins.

They chanted almost inaudible words in 'their' own language. A radiating heat surrounded them, keeping Aurelia at a distance.

She worried that their powers were becoming too intense but as she knew from many times before, she was not to say a word. It had been 45 minutes of spell casting.

Amaya had decided days before that they were not safe. When Leander had questioned her about what it was she was frightened of, she answered calmly...I am afraid of us.

Aurelia came in and caught the last few moments of the conversation and knew exactly what her daughter meant. She had felt this sensation from the moment she found out she was expecting twins.

There was something too powerful they possessed.

They encompassed all that was unusual, all that made your hair stand on ends,

all that caused a shiver to creep down your spine but in the 11 years they had been a family Leander and Aurelia still had not figured out why their beloved daughters made all who met

them retract.

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