The Widow
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This is a poem I'd already published in wattpad... Hope you guys like it!

The Widow

by Cher Christelle

I guess I was too comfortable I never cared to imagine a world Without your love and kindness And I found it hard to believe

That you left me so fast You left me in a mess In chaos, in a confussion Flooded with emotions and stress

I guess I failed to see when tears Left my vision blurry, unclear You weren't just a face I always loved You are patience, you are joy

You are the gentle breeze Caressing my face You are the sunshine pulling me Into a warm embrace

When I miss you You're the rain, Washing away My sorrows and pain

How blind I've been to not See your soul Which is still there for me Reminding me that I'm not alone

Though flesh turns to dust Though bodies change Souls stay the same forever... Till we meet again.

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