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Best friends forever, right? What could possibly go wrong? A Stranger, Shadow, Sunrise.


Rolo! Come here Rolo. Who's a good little boy?

Everyday (6am) when the morning is magical, I take Rolo into the enchanted, mystical universe. He loves it, Rolo does.

Rolo loves to rally through the infinity leafs and scramble in the gluey, gooey, thick mud. I can not believe it's been almost 10yrs when we both zinged under the star of Nirvana.

I can remember, when he slobbered all over me. (haha) typical Rolo.

I've strolled a thousand times around these acres of memories.

The times when my best friend Carla would compete with me to climb the highest tree we can find, being an empress of our own empire. I was younger then.

My brain pumped with imagination, my blood pumped with pixy dust, my muscles pumped with determination. As time ticked rapidly all my aspirations and Carla's, dramatically deflated.

Carla had high hopes, she wanted to be president and I would be vice president or her Secretary.

I did not mind that role, I like to be the water that feeds the seed, so it can grow into something alluring.

Me and Carla had a best friend bond, like our favourite TV stars "Ant & Dec", but women. We wanted to dance and shine, not be like a scarecrow in empty field.

All we ever wanted is to work together, change the world together and be best friends forever.

The death season is approaching (one day to go) Destroying peace, harmony and entity. Freezing everything it touches, lingering in purgatory.

the energy that the Forrest had worked hard for, growing the majority of the year---------- SHATTERED! into a souvenir for the wind to take. Death is a maze with no exit.You cant escape it.

It will find you, it will find you without a warning. When we're old and even when we're young. Even when death is close by, it may not take us physically, but a part of us.

Avery important piece of a jigsaw that we so deeply need to make our picture unified. That very important Jigsaw has been lost and replaced.

A new piece that fits, but with a different look, it works, but my thoughts and feelings still remembers the old Jigsaw piece. That death itself could not have the power to take.

Rolo can be a little bully at times, boxing whatever it finds. But I strongly adore him. He was Carla's favourite breed. She told me she was going to get one.

(Boxer Dog) for Xmas, weeks before she... Weeks before she... It breaks my heart every-time I think about this unforgettable, devastating day. But I must accept, allow it to be.

Almost 10yrs ago my life changed forever. It was the day Carla received a letter from "U Improve College" (for girls) that would separate our robust friendship.

She was so excited about it, she was jumping up and down and I was like a drained zombie from the walking dead series. I was not in the best of moods that day. "I got in, I got in!" said Carla.

I was confused, I did not know what she was talking about, I need to re-charge my brain.

So we headed to our favourite cafe and Carla told me all about it. When she was speaking, the sound of her strong, determined, enthusiastic voice fading through my ears.

It was a language I did not recognised, the bond we had was losing connection, a path that I could no longer follow.

The sentence I only recognised was "I'm moving over a thousand miles and I'm attending "U Improve College to study politics".

My thoughts was painting pictures, painting faster, FASTER, and FASTER! Like a action movie scene rising to the climax, in sync with my heart beat. Then it STOPPED!------ For several seconds.

"Megan, are you okay"? "MEGAN! Megan please respond", said Carla, in an echo-way through my own hearing. I got up slowly away from the table, standing straight stiff.

Looking ahead in the mirror in front of me, seeing only a reflection of me, with no one by my side. I turned robotically and trudged out of the cafe with negative thoughts weighing me down.

An elegant touch on my shoulders, felt like a push, my mind could not keep up with the pace of my lungs.

"Megan, please talk to me, I did not mean to make you upset" said Carla in a soft caring way.

I looked into her sweet, innocent, goal-oriented eyes------ then dashed down the street, the tension, the pressure, I could not deal with it.

My eyes drained with sprinkles of memories, emptying my past bucket. "MEGAN! wait I want to talk to you", said Carla.

I ran too the only place that I can be free from this painful situation, "the world of wonders". ( The Forrest) Carla chasing me from behind. Climbing up our magnificent, enormous, ancient tree.

(Eternal branches) Every branch I grab onto is a flashback of memories of our childhood, flashing in my mind. The tree is trying to weaken me with emotional distractions.

100ft from the ground, the highest I've ever climbed. I've been too frightened in the past, Carla was always at the top (150ft) on several occasions.

With Carla leaving, my emotions was getting the best of me. Like I needed to prove something. I was happy for Carla, but I wanted to be on that journey together.

How could she betray me? We was supposed to be a team!

"MEGAN! MEGAN! slow down, you're going to get yourself stuck", said Carla I ignored her and carried on climbing.

"MEGAN! MEGAN! I'M STUCK", said Carla.

I was angry and upset, I told her "ya a big, strong girl, get yourself unstuck!" I shouted carelessly

"HUFF! PUFF"! Carla screaming and gasping in a terrified way.

I should help her, but she probably faking it. But my gut was telling me different------- I stopped and wait---- I take a deep breath as--- I slowly opened my mouth okay Ca...


I turned my head over my shoulders quickly----- ARRRGGGHH!

Carla screaming as she plunges to her DEATH!

Caarrlla------ ! No-----!

Oh no what have I done? Its my fault. If I just listened to her and helped her I could of saved her. But no, I was too selfish, stupid and jealous.

If I just accepted her desire, ambition, her achievement none of this would have happened. All I ever wanted was too be best friends forever.

Everyday, I walk these woods re-playing the good memories and bad ones. I look towards the horizon, from the tree we both stood tall, speaking to the gates of the heaven as it opens.

"I will meet you on the other-side, meet me in the morning when you wake up, everyday 6am, come rain or shine, i'll met you in the light, hoping ! dont suffocate.

ARF RUF! RUF! RUF! (Rolo barking) Rolo, What is it?

All of a sudden the trees and the dust from the ground whisking in a cold dark way. The trees looked like it were on fire.

Strangely I felt at peace, sun glaring in my eyes, a human figure appeared in the horizon out of nowhere.

ARF RUF! RUFF RUFF! (Rolo barking)

Rolo shhh! be quiet.


BLACKOUT -------- To be continued.

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