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shaunamillett Community member
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Love poetry contest, here we go!


It's October 18th and you've been out of town for nearly a week.

It's the longest stretch I've had to face the dark alone in ten years.

Being without you is spooky,

like stumbling upon the condoms on the inside pocket of my prom date's coat;

somehow, despite this protection,

the pit of my stomach was still unprepared.

Being without you is Jekyll

and Hyde.

Being without you feels a little ax-murder-y.

Maybe I will die first. You are so much older. I am watching the October leaves,

stark cherries, golden ghosts, scatter across pavement.

This feels like practice, and I am wondering how in the world I am going to live without you. It's a Halloween thriller.

I recognize its autumnal air. Have I ever fallen before? Trick or treat.

I suddenly feel like all those stupid girls in the screamers. There is no one

to call out, "Look! Look behind you!"

Somewhere, I suppose, slinking behind all the masked wanderers is door number two.

But I have no idea if I can love him as much as you.

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