The Phony Called Kiss
The Phony Called Kiss pain stories
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shatteredpieces Writer+Singer+Reader=Me
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This is a poem about the realistic way love is than rather what fairytales told us when we were young.

The Phony Called Kiss

by statteredpieces

Once upon a time.

They're just stories. Nothing to it.

It's only for young kids.

Why is that phony kiss so special?

Which one?

True loves kiss.

But see this is how it really is.

If the girl is pretty. They guy falls in love.

If the girl is "ugly". The guy is disgust.

Even Disney showed us this.

All the princesses are pretty. Except for Fiona, but i'm not really sure if she is accepted as a princess anymore.

Love is just a cycle.

You fall head over heels for the person.

Your heart gets shattered.

Then you feel alone.

And finally you find another person.

See this is why it's so hard for me to trust the word love.

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