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shatteredpieces Writer+Singer+Reader=Me
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This is a personal poem that I had wrote when I had lost a classmate of mine a month ago.

Haley’s Poem

Only a few knew what had happened at first.

We didn’t believe it. How could we?

Fellow classmates gawked at the girls who were in tears.

Laughter filled the room not understanding why so many teachers were called down.

All of a sudden the counselor walked in. The room became hushed.

Her voice shook as she had told us what had happened. A tragedy had happened.

It had seemed like time had stopped in place. The room was silent. All was heard was cries. Tears were shed. Puffiness of the face was shown.

It became hard to breath. Words could not come out. All you could possibly choke out was “Why?”

She couldn’t be gone. She was just here yesterday. You had class with her. You swear you had just heard her angelic voice.

That you saw her friendly smile. Her beautiful innocent looking eyes. Her country twang.

That the song she had loved “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” rings in your head now. We were all in shock.

Not wanting to come to terms that she wouldn’t be here. That she was long gone. She was elsewhere now. That she was looking down at us. Seeing who all cared for her.

Not wanting to see us in pain. Only to take on her goal. To be nice to one another. That is all she would ask for.

No one wanted to be alone. We wanted to make sure to keep our friends and family close. To tell them you love them. That you care about them.

To tell them to be careful. Since you will never know when it will be the last time you see them. That you would have to say goodbye to them.

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