In Destiny's Special Spot

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sharris05 "I was quiet but I was not blind"
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I don't think we were meant to be but destiny had a special spot <3

In Destiny's Special Spot

We sat in behind the bleachers It was during recess on a tuesday afternoon Braiding flowers into crowns

They fell apart pretty quickly and then we laughed They didn't understand

You fell asleep on me on halloween night So much fun playing chess, you won Giggles turned into snores as the room stilled

We inched closer until your head touched my shoulder and I melted I promised myself not to forget how the light framed your face

I woke up and you were texting your boyfriend that it was all okay

We sat together on the school bus on the way back home Only because girls and guys couldn't sit together so he was right behind us Towards the back playing three truths and a lie with your boyfriend.

and it was just because you HAD too

When it was your turn you said you were happy more than sad Such a bad liar I didn't catch on

I held you crying in your room When you dumped him, you told me you didn't like guys Your ex "disagreed" heh

We danced to ed sheeran and made paper planes I loved you too much It was pure bliss

It wasn't working out I said And then you asked me to make flowers crowns But it was late and I was meant to be alone

But destiny had a special spot for us Seated in clouds, eternal picnics with braided hair Sealed in our dreams, I'll see you tonight in my sleep

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