Damned Sisters Part 4
Damned Sisters Part 4 angels stories

sharravalbuena Suga Suga, Oh Honey Honey
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This is a generalization of a story I have in mind. I will add more detail in the finished product.

Damned Sisters Part 4

It has been several months since I left my sister and spoke to our Lord. Denise is somewhere, a place where I hope we never meet.

I've only been prolonging this war, and I know Denise is doing the same. I am longing to see my sweet sister, though she is no longer sweet nor my sister anymore.

"God, why does such a task fall upon me?" I asked. No response had came. A tear crept up, "He must be busy."

Yells came from both sides. Fallen angels charged with their weapons drawn.

"These poor souls."

I spread my wings and sang a sharp tune. My feathers sharpened and cut through the air, piercing each fallen in the middle of their chest.

They stood frozen as I walked past, their bodies turned into dust.

"Back into the minerals from which you were created." I spoke to the ashes beneath my feet.

Off I went, to the next location for the fallen. Both sides had equal casualties. It will never end. Not until I meet my sister again.

Ashes filled the air as the winds swept by, we breath in our brethren. I hope they give me strength.

"Leanne, come to me." Words gently rang inside my head.

"Coming, my Lord." I swiftly changed direction of my flying and headed towards God.

I flew in gently in front of God, kneeling as I landed. He had the wounded by him as he aided the angels of healing.

"Why has our Lord summon me?"

"Leanne, have you no faith?" God questioned.

"I have the utmost faith in you, my Lord."

"Then why is it you prolong this war?"

I swallowed and raised my head slightly. "I'm sorry. Please forgive my sins and the sins of my brethren. No one should suffer anymore. It was my own selfishness."

"Yes, you are forgiven." His smile faintly appeared. "Now come with me and we shall end this." God rose from his throne and descended into land, in the form of man.

I stood on my feet following behind him with my wings spread high. "God is first."

My heart sank as the sun hid behind the horizon. Denise was on her way. She walked by Lucifer's side.

I stood beside God, my right wing held up to block the last rays of light that threatened his eyes.

My wings seemed to complement the sun, but on the other side the rays of light seemed to reflect. As they drew near, I could finally see. Denise has changed.

Instead of her beautiful blue wings as big as the sky, she had wings as shiny and heavy as gold. They complemented her dark pigment.

We stood in front of each other, without exchanging words.

Denise grabbed a feather from her wings, and out drew a golden sword. It seemed so nostalgic, she really did seem like a guardian angel now. Unbreakable.

By this time, God and Lucifer had retreated to their designated sides, surrounded by their army. They were to watch as my sister and I dueled.

Denise crouched, ready to charge. Right before she charged forward, I let out a high pitched tune. Inaudible to all but the person it was meant for.

Denise screamed and held her head with her free hand. She became dizzy, and I took the chance to charge. I grabbed one of my feathers and turned it into a dagger.

I aimed at the only place that could defeat an angel. Not the father nor the holy spirit, but the son.

Almost in reach, Denise covered herself with her golden wings and pushed me back into the air. The dagger broke with the clash. I observed Denise as I pulled out multiple feathers this time.

I turned them into a bow and arrows and launched them towards Denise. Her wings covered her again from harm. They were like golden armor. Not even a scratch appeared from the attacks.

Denise laughed. She threw her sword in the air with such strength and precision, it clipped the tip of my left wing.

"Tsk." I clenched my teeth. "Why throw your sword? Come in the air!"

"I cannot fly anymore," she replied. "I have double the strength, but had to give up my flight for this power."

That was typical when making a deal with Lucifer. You gain something, you give something equally beautiful.

"Foolish," I yelled to the ground.

She smiled. "You may think so, Leanne, but now you can't touch me. My wings are unbreakable. The ultimate armor." She grabbed several of her golden feathers and turned them into daggers.

She threw them at me, one after the other. I dodged successfully and Denise took out another sword.

"Disperse!" Denise commanded.

The daggers divided into thousands of tiny needles in the air, now falling towards me. It looked like golden rain.

I whipped my wing to make a rush of wind so the needles would be stopped, but they kept coming.

"My gold is too heavy to be pushed away by measly wind!" She shouted.

I was struck many times, making sure not one needle hit the middle of my chest. As long as I wasn't dead, I could keep fighting. Some needles pierced past and others stayed lodged in my body.

The pain was overbearing, but I had to keep going. For the sake of everything, I had to win.

I flew like a bird with a twisted wing, trying to survive. I hovered close to the ground, my right hand holding my left arm. Denise dashed towards me as I went for another weapon.

I pulled out a feather and turned it into a whip. I bent it to my command, grabbing a hold of Denise's sword and yanked it down to the ground.

Her momentum still pushing her body forth, I head-butted her, using my wings as support.

In her confusion, I attempted to wrap her with my whip, but her wings sliced through it and clasped around my body.

Her golden wings were now my cage, crushing me and strangling my body. The needles pierced further and I screamed from agonizing pain.

"Hey, Leanne..." Denise paused.

My head was hanging low.

"Do you think it would have been better if I let Lucifer had his way with you?"

I raised my head. My sweet sister was crying a thousand tears as she drew near with her sword. She didn't want to kill me, but she was already Lucifer's pawn. I, on the other hand, had no excuse.

My sister had no more freedom to choose. If Lucifer demanded, her body went forth, although, I am the one who chose this path of blindly following, arrogantly trusting, sinfully hurting.

I was decieved. I was raging.

"No, my sweet sister. Even though we would have been together, we still would have been far apart." I replied.

Denise gave a questioning look, which paused her wings from crushing me for just a split moment.

"We both would have been puppets, forced to face each other to death..." I started to feel warm, "we both wouldn't be able to go against Lucifer's demands, but I still have a choice...

" the warmth started to feel hot, "I'm so sorry I couldn't save you, but please have faith in me," Denise started to feel the heat and she twitched, going back to crushing me with her wings.

"I thank you for guarding me and letting me still have my freedom to choose." I was now looking at Denise straight in the eyes with a smile.

Denise felt the pain within her wings gradually grow sharper. So she tried to crush harder and faster, but it was too late. I had already decided.

"I promise you, I'll set us free."

Denise hadn't noticed, but her wings were starting to melt. Gold dripped from the tips of her feathers.

The gold had gotten so hot, it started to burn Denise's back and as she released me, she saw the golden goop.

I was reborn. The wings I once had were now engulfed in flames and my beaten body was healed.

I rushed towards Denise and pinned her down, my wings on top of hers and my left hand covering her eyes.

A golden puddle started to form around us and I could feel my sister's trembling fade away. The harsh flames started to feel warm again and provided an everlasting comfort for me and Denise.

I uncovered her eyes and held her within my flaming feathers. We both smiled at each other and my flames started to cover her body.

"I love you, my dearest sister," I said as Denise painlessly disintegrated in front of me.

There I was, standing on gold, with hellfire behind me and both armies in front of me.

"I am done with your horrendous games!" I yelled out. "You may have won this war, but I can assure you, you will not win the next." I looked toward God then over at Lucifer. "And you, Luke.

With hell's fire as my ally, you will not have your way with me!" The flames on my wings grew with my outbursts. "I have decided. It is my will and it is my way. I have faith in myself.

I will not blindly follow anyone." I kneeled down and placed some of the melted gold onto my thumb and imprinted it onto the middle of my chest.

"With the protection of my fallen sister, nothing comes before me!"

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