Damned Sisters Part 2
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This is a general idea of a story I am making. I am planning to add more detail to the finished product.

Damned Sisters Part 2

After picking up Denise's friends, we pulled up at the party. It seemed like an eternity had passed. I just wanted this night to end smoothly.

I turned my head to face Denise, and she winked as she opened the car door and headed towards the house with her friends.

I was planning to stay in the car and sleep, but I could only stare at the temptation-filled party. I couldn't just stay where I was, my sister was in there.

I needed to make sure nothing bad would happen.

Walking into the house felt like going through a different dimension. The music was overbearing, and the conversations were drowned out by intermingling noises.

I can smell the use of drugs and see bits of the evidence in the air and on the tables. People were dancing indecently and downing shots.

Their bodies swayed and grinded next to one another, like humans had their own mating call. I scanned the rooms in hope that it would help me find Denise as soon as possible.

I turned the corner to find one of her friends from earlier. I asked where Denise was, and she pointed to the screen door that led out to the back.

Stepping out was a relief-- fresh air and the view of my sister. She was mingling with a group of people. Was any of them the guy she was stressing about? I sure hoped not.

I walked up to the group and introduced myself. Some analyzed me with smiles and others with glares.

Before I could speak, Denise grabbed my arm and pulled me away from the group. "We just got here. Don't say we're leaving." She said as if she could read my mind.

"I didn't say anything. Besides, don't you see this place is crawling with sin?" I looked around us and back at her. I shuddered where I stood as the seven venial sins lingered around us.

Each mixed in with another: Gluttony, Lust, Greed, Pride, Envy, Sloth, and Wrath. It was toxic.

Denise sighed. "This whole world is full of sin, Leanne. Just sit over there and take it easy. I'll get you a soda.

" We walked over to a couch that was placed outside for the party, and Denise gestured for me to sit. She walked off for a few minutes and came back with a drink in her hand. "Here, it's Coke."

I took the drink. "I really want to leave." I glanced at a guy who just ran out of the house to puke in a nearby bush.

"All right, all right." She looked over at the group she had been with a while ago. "Just give me another hour, and we will leave. I promise to stay in your sight."

I stood quietly as Denise held up her finger to the group who was waiting for her. I nodded and agreed for the hour.

I sat on the dusty couch slowly sipping at my soda, as many people sat next to me and left. No conversations, just awkward silence as people ignored my presence.

I was getting antsy as I felt like I was slowly being devoured by all the irresponsibility. Finally deciding to hum as a distraction, it calmed my soul.

Humming my tune, a boy sat next to me and interrupted, "Not a fan of alcohol, I see." He had a charming smile.

"I am not a fan of unnecessary temptation."

The boy held his smile. "Temptation, huh?"

"Yes, temptation. Alcohol is completely unnecessary. What's the point?? We aren't at church."

The boy laughed.

"I'm serious."

His laughter died down, and he went back to his charming smile. "No, I'm sorry. I've just never heard anyone talk like you do. I'm Luke," he said, holding out his hand.

I shook it. "I'm Leanne." There was an awkward pause as he held onto my hand. "Umm, excuse me?" I gently pulled my hand away.

"Oh, I'm terribly sorry. I'm so surprised. You're Leanne?"

"Yes, that's what I just said."

"No, no, it's just... you're one of the school's top students. Aren't you a ghost? No one ever sees you and when they do, people say you appear and disappear.

I wasn't expecting to see you here, of all places." He seemed so astonished. These rumors were stupid. I just went to class, the library, then home.

I made sure I kept up with my studies, like every good student should. Now I'm a ghost.

"Those rumors are ridiculous. I am only doing what I'm supposed to. I am here to watch Denise and make sure she isn't taken by temptation." I said as I pointed over to the group.

"Wait wait. Denise is your sister? You two look nothing alike. I mean, you're of complete different ethnicity, and I talk to Denise all the time. She never said anything about a sister."

His words hurt. I closed my eyes and cleared my throat. "We are both adopted." I held back my emotions as I spoke. "And we haven't been seeing eye to eye lately.

So maybe she doesn't want to draw more attention to herself by letting others know she is my sister." We didn't know why we were damned or why we ended up being different from each other.

Savior gave me the looks of an Irish person and Denise those of an African American. He also made her a year younger than me. Was there a reason for it? In Heaven, none of this stuff mattered.

I took a sip of my drink. It tasted a little off.

"You sound like you have a sister complex," Luke said jokingly.

I stared at Denise for a minute and sighed. "You wouldn't understand." I faced him once more to ask about the time, but his face seemed distorted.

His charming smile turned into a smirk as everything faded into black.

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