Life and Death
Life and Death life stories

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This is just my daily dose of random. I´m just running out of ideas even though this is my second post. Feel free to comment any suggestions! ALSO! Thank you SOOOO much on all of your support on my last post! I did not expect for even ONE person to read it. I LOVE YOU GUYS!

Life and Death


And from death, life.


And from that pain comes joy.

Life is an endless cycle of emotions.

One minute, you're filled with a happiness you've never felt before.

The next minute, your hopes and dreams are destroyed and shattered, like a prize piece of china in your kitchen that you've had for generations--broken.

I am afraid of death. Like most people, I fear that death lurks around every dark bend.

It's natural, for we are human. And humans must die.

How else could the world prosper in peace?

Life is a mysterious road where the pathway is not always as it seems.

The roses turn out to be Venus flytraps.

Doves are not the everlasting peace, but the burning torment of loneliness.

Life is unfair, as it should be. We can never be satisfied. It's just not possible. We are forever greedy and selfish.

We lust after the impossible and become upset at the simplest of things. As life should be.

It is normal. It is death. It is life.

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