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by shanti

You call and I go running

You'd think I'd be done with you Yet here I am Back where I said I was never gonna be You'd think I learned my lesson

How many times is it gonna take me before I realize

Realize these lies that you've been feeding me. I eat them up, and once again I'm back with you

Questioning myself

Am I stuck on stupid? Are you my catnip? Why is it so hard for me to let you go?

I know

I know you I know the things you do I know I'm not the only one for you But yet still I keep thinking that this is my shot My chance

This time it'll be serious

You wont play me for a fool. And here I am, Standing with my two hands, empty

And you still have pieces of me

Somebody find me a scissors cause I need to cut this tie that's holding me You don't get to have this string anymore You've tugged way to many times I've eaten enough of your lies


This time right here, is the last time.

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bernardtwindwilGold CommaGranddad & story teller,
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You must rise above the situation. The key issue here is self-loathing. When you loathe yourself, you will tolerate any kind of abuse because "you deserve it" . Please see my work, "Dissonance" . You wrote an absolutely tragic self-expose. It was well written and compelling. The amount of empathy I felt was enough that I became concerned for your health. I think continued writing will help with a much-needed catharsis. Be the person who writes your poetry, not the victim.

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Sometimes we need to burn our bridges so we don't go back on the same road