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by shanti

She was trapped within herself and didn't know how to get out, The walls of her pain glued her in place and she was lost, in this space And it became her new home.

And she forgot her old ways, forgot who she was, only knew who she became. A mask so filled with pain so filled with hurt the tears would rain Rain down and form puddles around her feet

Soon she began to drown. And no one would care, cause no one could see And she didn't know how to say couldn't find a way Couldn't send the words through the wall of pain that wouldn't up

That wouldn't give her a break. So that little girl became old She became old and tired of hurt and pain and shame She didn't want to play this game, anymore She was fed up She was tired

And she started to feel herself bursting at the seams the pain too much the hurt to real But she knew that soon Yes, soon She would be free.

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