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My love

by shanti

My love is not pretty

or magical It is messy and delusional It is pushing you away hoping you'll find reasons to stay

My love isn't wrapped in silk bundles

with smiles around every corner. It is madness and irrational insanity. My love is, who is she? Even when there is no 'she'

My love isn't a fairy tale

Boy meets girl, girl perfect woman. It is don't touch me Please touch me Please tell me that you love me You don't love me Do you love me?

My love is a constant back and forth

I break up with you so many times in my head and you don't even know it. My love isn't Prince Charming meets his Perfect Princess

But I still think it's worth it That I'm worth it.

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bernardtwindwilGold CommaGranddad & story teller,
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Why are these games attractive? You describe an unfathomable relationship to my eyes. You wrote of the relationship so well that I totally saw within the relationship. This was very well written. I don;t have to agree with your premise to recognize good writing. Great job.