Do you know me?
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Do you know me?

by shanti

Alas alas the time has passed The world she knew was gone

She wandered here, she wandered there For she knew of no one Why could she not remember how she came into this world? A ma? A pa? A brother dear? Her voice she must make heard

So on and on she carolled from one stranger to the next

And as she went, her mind she bent and became so perplexed None would stop to answer her, no, not one soul Of who, and what, and why she was now stranded in this world

Do you know me? Do you know me?

She watched as strangers passed Do you know me? Do you know me? She stood in front a glass

Do you know me?

Do you know…. She stopped dead in her tracks For what she saw, or couldn’t see No one was looking back

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