What are you to me? Part.1
What are you to me? Part.1 mature stories

shante1000 A trapped soul looking for an outlet
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Two people who know each other better than anyone else, is it lust, is it love, is it friendship? She, feels nothing for him but friendship. He, will do anything for her...

What are you to me? Part.1

I sat watching her today. She invited me over for coffee. 17 years of friendship, but we had seen each other only 4 times in the last 16 years. It just then hit me that 17 years was only a few years short of half my lifetime.

I still remember the first day I met her. She was introduced to us all as the new Credit Analyst. She looked 16, but I placed her at 20. I was wrong. It surprised me that she was actually 24.

Something about her caught my attention. To everyone else she seemed very mature and very professional. I couldn't deny that, when it came to her work and her colleagues, she definitely was. There was something else though. Something that no-one else seemed to see but me.

Was it me or was it her? To this day, I still did not know. Watching her sitting at her desk today, Notebook in front of her, talking on the phone. Professional, yes, very. An air of confidence floating around her as she so smoothly and knowledgeably talked business.

Pledging 25% of her kiddies custom books sales to the Down Syndrome Association. She made it sound so charitable. I knew this was something very close to her heart. I also knew she was giving more to them than she was taking from her books sales. I also knew she was a shrewd business woman, but intent on adding value for the other side.

She made the pledge to them to increase the number of her book sales, I knew her this well. It was not for greed, it was just that she believed in word of mouth marketing above any other form. She formed relationships, warm ones, with her business partners. These always led to friendships, long standing ones.

I mentioned to her 2 months ago that I wanted to start a Motor Vehicle Testing Center. I just hated all the admin and process of inquiring about everything needed. I owned a building for it and that was it. She told me to give her 2 days and she would let me know what I needed to do.

2 hours later, I received an email from her. Comprehensive, yet condensed, outlining the entire process. Including the compliance standards I needed to adhere to, the number of pages the document was and the cost of the document! The number of pages!

She had even gone so far as to phone the provincial department of transport on my behalf to get the exact cost involved and to confirm exactly how long the process would take and what the delay would be due to COVID-19.

She is a qualified bookkeeper, but I have learned over the years that you can ask anything of her and she will get it done. Even if you don't ask it of her, she will do it and let you know with a smile and never ask for a thing in return. I have never met another number cruncher as vibrant and creative as she is.

She comes up with the cutest crafts and her baking? Mmm... yummy. So professional, so homely, so talented. Then there is that other side. So alluring, she pulls you in and kicks you out simultaneously.

She often leaves me wondering whether I am drawn to her or does she draw me in just to turn me down? She finishes her call and turns to me. She smiles. It is not her smile that lights up her face, it's her eyes when she smiles.

Those eyes... I am told their natural color is dark brown, but I have never seen this, I have only ever seen her with grey contact lenses. They hide something. She has admitted this to me before. She's said that it is something that often gets her into unwanted trouble.

She wishes she knew what it was. I wish I could see those eyes. She has refused me. "So," she says, "how's the world of banking and risk management going?" Such a boring job I have, but when it rolls off her tongue, it sounds seductive. Every word uttered by her seduces me.

I told her the other day that whenever I hear her voice I feel like cumming. Her reply, "that is not a very awe inspiring comment to receive. But why, we weren't talking about anything naughty?" I had no answer for her. To her it seemed like a most normal occurrence, she was so nonchalant about it.

I shift where I sit, afraid she will see what she does to me. I am not in love with her, I think, sometimes I am not sure, but I do know I certainly lust after her. I make a bold move and let her know my thoughts. She swears on everything holy that I just don't do it for her and she doesn't see me in that way.

"Do you see me?" I ask. She laughs a cute...yet sinister laugh. How does she do that? "Now that's a silly question to ask," she says. "Have you realised I have four eyes? How can I not see you?" Always diffusing the tension with a joke and wit. I conjure the tiniest spark, she just brushes it off like a speck of fluff settling on her.

Somehow even her rejection turns me on. Honestly, her constant rejection over the last 16 years is what's kept me enthralled. She says I'm fat. It's her safety net, I know. She has a serious aversion to fat people.

She is a petite, pint-sized, crusher of dreams. No, I take that back, she doesn't do it intentionally. Or does she? Fuck, this woman! "Of course I see you, I can't miss you even if I tried..."

She pokes me again. I want more...

Hope you enjoyed it thus far? Part 2 coming soon.

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