Vices, the choice I choose to make
Vices, the choice I choose to make vice stories

shante1000 A trapped soul looking for an outlet
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Lying to ourselves. Fear of showing weakness.

Vices, the choice I choose to make

Many towers I visit day to day Without them communication goes astray It is my job to ensure they're in good working order One beautiful day they made my horizons broader

This tower always broken I never knew it would lead me to such a token There she was a young beauty so fair Cute and tiny with long lovely black hair

Little did I know she was sent as a friend As fate would have it she lived close to my home just around the bend

She fills me with smiles as we communicate day by day Voice notes, texts, we have so much to say

Once again I find myself telling a lie I often seek them out to heal my heart I try

Truths I cannot face honesty is difficult for me to voice Telling them what they want to hear, for me is a better choice

The same old pattern of tricking them I know so well I prefer to forget these lies still leave me as nothing but an empty shell

Self medicating methods I try and try To ensure my tears always remain dry

I'm torn and conflicted within myself Anger, spite, harsh words and actions left me on a shelf.

My new friend as sweet and beautiful as she may be If I am being honest with myself she cannot fill the void in me

There is another who knows my habits, patterns, flaws so well It is to her the truth I find most hard to tell

She was never meant to go away She'd never leave me is what she'd often say

Then came that fateful day She turned around and walked away

She has always been my weakness Losing her has brought me to this bleakness

I am a fool always filled with fear I can never open up to her but always want her near

I can't tell her how I feel and what she means to me The truth remains in my head the only place it can be

Somewhere along the line I was made to believe Never share how you feel you must always deceive

She's asked me , she's begged me my truths to her to reveal But I've been conditioned that the truth I must always conceal

She's left me time and time again Showing me on her I can't depend

When she leaves I feel nothing but pain I retaliate in anger but it's all just in vain

Perhaps it's time for complete honesty to come to the fore Maybe that way together we can be forevermore

I know not what her intentions are She makes me read between the lines, but with this I'm not on par

She's going away for a while she needs to heal She's said with all her pain she cannot deal

Perhaps this time she will finally be gone for good It makes no difference to me I have a new beauty to brighten my mood.

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