Things that go bump in the night...
Things that go bump in the night... night stories

shante1000 A trapped soul looking for an outlet
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Things that go bump in the night...

...she suddenly awoke, eyes wide open peering into the darkness around her... the sound of what seemed like heavy footsteps coming from...was that outside or inside? An icy chill came in from somewhere, she knew all the windows were tightly shut, the doors were all closed, so where could the chill be coming from?

Her room mate was out of town again and she often hated being alone in the house at night. Tonight was no different... she looked at the time on her phone... 00h01. ...the hairs on her neck slowly started rising... the same happened on her arms, from top to bottom.

Thud!... Thud! Was that someone or something jumping on the roof? Suddenly a screeching, dragging sound came from inside the rafters... The trap door was just outside her room door. She was frozen still in bed, blanket pulled up to just below her eyes.

She got into the habit of sleeping with a pair of sharp, long scissors under her pillow, a thick wooden handled broom alongside her bed and the security gate between the lounge and bedrooms locked each night. It was a relatively safe area but very secluded and pitch dark at night.

The screeching sound came again. She laughed at the irony of locking the security gate, because the trap door to the rafters was within the locked in area now. She had no escape if she had to make a run for it. The screeching turned into a thump, thump, thump. There was definitely something in the rafters...

She slid her arm under her pillow, drawing out the scissors... Suddenly sounds came from the kitchen beyond the locked gate. How was it possible to get from the rafters above into the kitchen through the locked gate? There was no other way to get into the house besides the doors which she was certain were locked.

There was no sound of either door opening and they were quite noisy, she would've heard them. She switched on her bedside lamp and got out of bed. Gripping the scissors in her right hand and the broom in her left. She was ready to face this creature of the haunting hour...

She grabbed the keys and quickly swung open her bedroom door. Nothing, dead silence. She opened the door to her roommates bedroom to the left of her... nothing seemed out of place. She closed it again. There came a sound from the kitchen. She quietly opened the bathroom door in front of her.

She often kept that light switched on through the night, again, nothing. She got to the gate, with shaky hands trying to find the right key to unlock it. Damn it! Why couldn't she get the right key. She was making an awful lot of noise with those damn keys.

Aha, eventually! She put the keys into her pocket and clasped the scissors tightly in her right hand. She switched on the dining room light and took a look around. Nothing seemed out of place. Klunk, klunk, klunk... came the noise of something falling in the rafters above along with a shuffling sound like footsteps.

She turned around quickly, eyeing the trap door, half expecting it to lift open any second. Nothing. She walked out into the lounge and pressed herself against the wall to her left. Stopping and gathering her wits before peeking around the corner into the kitchen.

Still nothing. She walked slowly along the wall, scissor in one hand, broom in the other ready to take a swing and a stab at anything that stepped out in front of her. She had reached the end of the kitchen wall and had only one corner left to peer around. The scullery.

She braced herself for that hefty swing of her broom, but as she turned the corner, there was again no-one there. The shuffling, scratching noises were still present, though a lot softer now that she was closer to it. She looked down at the doggy food dispenser...

Staring back at her were the cutest two little country mice. Two pairs of big, beady, black eyes and two bushy tails belonging to the cutest little creatures helping themselves to the dog pellets belonging to Dino, her little Jack Russel and Nixon, her roommate's Miniature Schnauzer, neither dog anywhere in sight.

She stood there for a good two minutes wondering whether she was the silliest little woman with the most vivid imagination or proud of herself for having the courage, weapons in hand, to take down any intruder daring to mess with her pint size!!!

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