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shante1000 A trapped soul looking for an outlet
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Last night my past reached out I wondered what it was all about


Last night my past reached out I wondered what it was all about I moved on for a reason Because that was only for a season

I blocked them and cut them loose But they can't help but keep me in their noose They still want to tell me how to think in my future Problem is, they were never mature

When emotional quota is low The brain will always be slow What they can't understand Is they were never a helping hand

What they firstly need to question And this is really worth the mention Before they take the leap and start to converse Do they want to be a puppet, a puppet master or the master of their universe

A person is not a possession to own Which is why them I have outgrown I am happy this they need to accept But their understanding is so inept

I am not watching their every move Because to them I have nothing to prove I understand they feel rejected It's exactly what I expected

They can hang on to all the reasons why But nothing they say will make me give it another try Because they are so lacking in maturity The only thing I feel for them is pity

All I can do is pray that they find A love that is more their kind For them not to be left behind They must try and put me out of their mind

A whole month has past It went by so very fast The number of things I achieved Is only because they never intervened

The life I have planned for myself Has left them behind on a dusty shelf I know where I am going I will get there without them ever knowing

Who I am they cannot fathom I am neither a princess nor a madam I am the ruler of my world Around their fingers I will never be twirled

Happiness is a state of mind It has nothing to do with being one of a kind A soulmate is not always a lover And doesn't communicate under cover

I have moved on in case you cannot see The one probing, checking and stalking is not me Another communication, do not try Know it, believe it, accept it, this is the final goodbye!

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