Relaxed once again, just an illusion
Relaxed once again, just an illusion life stories

shante1000 A trapped soul looking for an outlet
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Somebody else's fears is not worth your freedom . You're worth more, don't sell yourself short to placate them.

Relaxed once again, just an illusion

Your words after that weekend were a comfort

I stupidly believed it was a step moving forth

You said you felt so relaxed for the first time in a long time

The only difference between then and your every other visit to that place, was your partner in crime

Suspended in blissful escape, just you and I, nature all around

Both of us floating, up high, not touching the ground

I thought I had finally gotten through, that you had finally understood

When we are free, away from societies confines, we are always in a great mood

Back to reality we have to return,

But reality for me does not stop that which I yearn

There is an answer to all that keeps us confined

The answer is, just speak what's on your mind

You are a fool, I wholeheartedly agree, speaking in riddles, an unintelligent choice

Be free, be open, don't hide behind the lies, learn how to use your voice

There is no difference between here and there

I am but always the same person but you choose despair

I now know I am not the problem that keeps us apart

Now you have succeeded and free is my heart

Do what you must, I know YOUR problem is trust

I will continue to do only what is fair and just

I have finally let go of my fear

I know it was stupid, nothing near and dear

Those who understand will still always be my helping hand.

I am a free spirit, this I will always remain.

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