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shante1000 A trapped soul looking for an outlet
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When something is stolen from you


Sometimes you forget When you love so deep Pain and heartbreak can just as deep inside you steep But pain and heartbreak are part of the deal Without one the other you can't feel

So what do you do? Forfeit love to forfeit the pain, or to yourself stay true? Many loves to experience Each bringing with them a feeling of new

Some lovers, some friends Some just acquaintances around new bends Each still holding a special place in the heart From those memories, never will part

When closing a chapter, remind yourself to remember only the good Doing this, helps never dulling the mood

But to one the soul was bared to Only one shown the real you No longer bringing a tear to the eye But one who can still make the soul cry

Seen the ugly Know the truth Know what hurts when acting uncouth

Wishes to console arms wrapped around tight Banish the pain bring into the light Sometimes the best thing to do Wait until the day they're ready to find you

Strength and courage to find Put it out of mind One thing still to know In the heart, love will always grow These are the things to know While out there putting on a grand show

Hurt replaced with hurting Mistaken for asserting Weakness trying to hide Surrounded with only pride

Maybe one day to push away completely will succeed To let down walls and be let completely in is the need Problem around the corner lurking is always a bad seed On dramas it needs to feed

Maybe it's been cut loose not known for sure Know for certain intentions are definitely not pure Day and night it still tries Into affairs it pries and pries See beyond its lies Caught out many of its spies.

Patience nature runs its course When the time is right back in full force Never ever fear In possession of two held most dear Ultimate goal, have all three near. Stand with fully erect spine Always fight for what is mine.

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