In Transition
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shante1000 A trapped soul looking for an outlet
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In Transition

Suitors suitors everywhere

Some of them even come in a pair

I am flattered by all the care

All of you so beautiful, I can just stare

To choose only one of you will not be fair

First try and understand my heart I cannot share

To give anything in return, I am bare

You may think I am perfect, but don't you dare

I am so complicated, only a few can compare

I can be loving, caring, sharing, but your hearts I must spare

One wrong move and I can also have a deadly, icy cold glare

You may think you know me today and will always want to be there

But tomorrow I can be here, there and everywhere

For next year or five years from now, you will wonder "how did my heart tear"

And I will tell you it's because you did not take heed when I said "Beware!"

Cruelty is not my intention, so don't despair

Many talents I am endowed, all of them on my sleeve I wear

I can never be accused of being square

Yes! One like me is very rare!

I can often make you pull out your hair...

So before you are left unaware

If it's my heart you want to hold it's best you start to prepare...

I am in transition and myself I cannot share

My heart belonged to only one whom I left so his own heart he can repair

Even if that means him having affair after affair after affair...

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