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shante1000 A trapped soul looking for an outlet
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Her eyes, more than she can deal with.

Her Eyes

Her eyes, the mirror to her soul A story still untold A deadly weapon to possess A trap so hard to resist A pool of unknown depth Even to herself a mystery

Her eyes, the fire starter They render men undone, he told her Telling more than she herself knows She wishes they belonged to someone else Too much to explain to any a mortal being Too much unexplained, they hold her prisoner

Her eyes, the trouble maker Step out the door, anxiety brews within her Strangers, she knows will surround her Flee, tempt or give in, a mantra she's come to repeat Sometimes an adventure, sometimes a danger Should she stand tall or retreat?

Her eyes, the mischief maker Yesterday, they captured more than she could handle Today, hearts she has to break, lies forming at her lips Tomorrow, a new day, new bait coming her way When will it end? She wishes for control

Her eyes, the key to her future Around the corner she waits, frozen Two steps and an end to the turmoil finally in her grasp One, two, heart pounding, pulse racing Her eyes fall on her future This is the day, this is the ONE

Her eyes, a spider's web by her not spun To him, the story must be told To him, her heart she gives to hold To him, she hopes the mystery will unfold He, she hopes has the power He, she hopes will have the strength

Her eyes, the revealer She sits at his knees, today her mouth the tool Not a word uttered, she has him in a snare Eyes locked on his She starts her narration Neither waiver, nor look away

Her eyes, the winner Victory is hers, her truths to him revealed He's hooked, a lifetime together promised A lifetime for which he is ill prepared His prize, the fire starter, the trouble maker, the mischief maker, the spider's web, the revealer, him, never the winner because of her eyes.

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