Do I know me?
Do I know me?  intuition stories

shante1000 A trapped soul looking for an outlet
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Sometimes we just don't know who we are until we seek help.

Do I know me?

The system says he is a monster And she has no say You have every right to take them away.

A prosecutor I cannot be The executioner my enemy

The monster they all choose to see Is not all he is to me

She who has no say Is old and weak and uses money to get her way

Society says these are people who should end up alone Society too good at throwing the stone

What good is it if my children I use All that is, is another form of abuse

This is the commanding law The justice system nothing but a flaw

I was never innocent in all that transpired But my actions by my heart were inspired

I am an IFNJ-A you see Indeed a most rare personality

We are sadly what is called a walking contradiction The kind to always stand by their conviction

In a population of 7.9 billion We are but only 79 million

Society loves to place people in a box We are seen as what is called unorthodox

The INFJ-A is so rare and hard to find Most others believe them to be out of their mind

Who is the INFJ-A? A person who is very difficult many people will say

I- Introverted N- Intuitive F- Feeling J- Judging A- Advocate

Idealism and integrity is their deepest sense But idle dreamers they are not, neither are they dense

They take concrete steps to realise their goals They never just sit back as their future unfolds

The perpetual outsider, always on a different wavelength Introverted Intuition being their greatest strength

The hunch or gut feeling they can't explain Which leads most concealers to treat them with disdain

That "sixth sense" difficult to explain to others They give up trying even to sisters, brothers, fathers and even their mothers

To read you well is their talent, highly perceptive they are Your emotional state and motivations in seconds they grasp, how bizarre

They often know when someone is lying even to themselves To get into your head and figure you out is where she delves

A weakness the INFJ has is not to just sense the emotions of others No, their own bodies your emotions smothers

When very close to a best friend or spouse what a dangerous trait For the INFJ is most likely to absorb that person's mental state

Did you know the INFJ can tell the future well? Introverted Intuition helps them look at the bigger picture and notice patterns, so what happens next they can very well tell.

They stand up for what's right, their strengths of creativity, imagination and sensivity often called upon to spread compassion. They will step in when someone faces unfairness or hardship. Personal gain is not their goal, they care for altruism.

The INFJ-A values deep, authentic relationships with others, themselves they often don't prioritise. Intent focus on their ideals and success, forgetting to take care of themselves, ill-temper in them start to rise.

In the face of conflict and criticism the INFJ-A is often left in stress. They act only with best intentions, if this is not seen and appreciated, it leaves them frustrated they confess.

If professional help I did not seek to find I would've been left believing I was out of my mind

Sometimes you become so overwhelmed and can't explain your strife It's best to seek help so you better understand your life

Are you perhaps an INFJ-A or an INFJ-T? If you struggle to make sense of life, this is who you could very well be

Visit these sites for a better understanding

Thank you for taking the time to read, if you read to the end. **********shante1000*********

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