My Mother Never Warned Me About Him

shannondayjust a little heartbroken
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My Mother Never Warned Me About Him

by n.w

rings and promises

A promise shown on a ring finger, exchanged between two lovers has been quickly broken on a couch. Late at night while the other sleeps, a drunken lover forgets.

dear future me

Dear future me, don't let the boys who enter your bed trick you into being healed. Those cracks run too deep for them to fill.

in between the lines

Nothing is this world can explain you And nothing will explain how you can Ruin me with feelings that come From you, miles away while I'm at home How do you do that?

i always think you're here when i'm drunk

I went to bed, drunk, with you and your warmth. I rolled over in the morning, whispered good morning and went to touch your face. You weren't there.

lessons not learned

Dear past me, you won't find him anywhere. Please stop looking, you won't find him in your books or movies. You won't find him in those cigs or bottles Or in your lovers, so stop looking

black and blue

The bruises on my neck won't heal the bruises on my heart

many have been in her bed, all have left

She tricked herself in to thinking physicality could do the same as his words had once done.

light me another

I want passion that doesn't burn out as fast as my cigarette does. Put your lips on me like I do with cigs, hungry and empty.

pity is in my veins

Pity is the like scratch that will never go away. And that's all I get when I talk about you.

dear future lovers

Dear future lovers, my scars are not yours to kiss. These cracks are not yours to fix. You're not the ones to rescue me.

i want to be a hurricane

She's a hurricane with rain in her eyes and wind in her hair. Her heart's a storm, and he's caught up in the winds and colors.

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shannondayjust a little heartbroken
a year agoReply
@bernardtwindwil I'm really glad the feelings I tried putting in these could be transferred to the reader, and I'm so glad it was portrayed well. Thank you so much for your comment, it means so much to me!

bernardtwindwilGold CommaGranddad & story teller,
a year agoReply
Would you mind helping me up off the floor? Because reading this just knocked me down. my jaw isn't broken but damn near. This was exquisitely painful. You used words to get inside the mind of the reader and cause me to feel the torment from this poem. It shuffles along purposefully like one of the great rock love anthems of the sixties. Its melodic hypnotic meter is a masterpiece. The self-loathing is enough to fill a Baptist revival tent. I loved it.