Things Better Done Slowly
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A list of things that feel better when they happen slowly, but time is not always on our side.

Things Better Done Slowly

by shanimalx

The push and pull of the ocean

that fights over whether to drag you out into an endless expanse of water

or deposit you safely ashore

but which gently rubs against ships and rocks sailors to sleep

The path that snow takes as it leaves the sky

halted by freezing air and drifting downwards

to hush the busy human world to a state of silent stillness

The echoing rumble of thunder in the thrum of a storm

that shakes the whole house

and which peters out to become indiscernible from the drum of rain

Leaving the lazy limbo of waking up in a warm cocoon

when the sun filtering through your blinds is high enough to finally reach your eyes

and you’ve not yet fully re-entered your body

Reading the last few words that narrate an epic journey

with characters who you’ve been with since the beginning

but who have begun to feel more like family

Letting go of a hug from someone you haven't seen in a while

warm and secure

but unsure

when you'll see them again

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