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shaniahugarte 17. v sad sometimes.
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Crumble - a poem.


by shaniahugarte

The first thing to go is the Innocence.

It crumbles under the pressure of Poison and Rot, the cleanliness it once was, never to be seen again; what little shine it had caked by Smog and Sludge.

Then it’s the Hands.

The gifts that allowed you to hold what you loved most close to yourself, petering away like dust; the strain of supporting things that do not wish to be held grinding away at your bones.

And then the Shoulders.

The strength that could have held the glory of the Earth, now only gaunt shadows of itself. The sinewy grace they once were are now only sallow skin on weakened bones.

The Feet.

They break, for they no longer have a floor to stand on. Toes crushing with wrenching snaps, Ankles rolling with a brittle crack.

And then it’s the Knees.

Bending under the weight of your Humanity, forcing you to bow to your own hardships, their feeble strength a representation of your waning ability to carry your own dying Body.

The Stomach.

Churning with the horrid stew of Hunger, Guilt and dead butterflies. Sloshing in its acidity, forcing its way up your Throat so it can fling itself from-

The Mouth.

A Tongue, heavy and laden with Lies, Teeth falling and failing, unable to stay. The mass sickness from the Throat overflowing, Which in turn creates the burning of-

The Nose.

Stinging with the stench of Betrayal and Decay, which causes the tearing up of-

The Eyes.

Crying in desperation, wanting for Mercy, Forgiveness,

Then the Arms.

Falling from their sockets, the last of your Tendons snapping in betrayal as Shoulder Blades fall into the abyss of-

The Lungs.

Scrabbling for their last breath, punctured by Ribs, drowning in Blood and tar. The spongy texture sizzling as the fickle embers burn in a final protest.

And the last to go is the Heart.

Sinking in on itself, getting smaller and smaller for it has no love left to give or heartache left to have and by the time it has disappeared there is nothing left but Yourself.

And then you’re allowed to Live.

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