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This is a poem about me and the struggles about my self identity. It talks about my life and what I’ve seen and/or experienced. This is my first poem I’ve ever written. I’ve been stuck in a car on a road trip, so I figured I would give it a try. I’ve never been good with grammar so I know it’s pretty rough.

Who am I?

Who am I?

This is the type of question I ask myself late at night

The one that keeps me up til daylight

Constantly thinking about what makes me, me

Until the clouds in my mind pass, and I can finally see

And I realize that some people that I’ve met

Can think of me as a triple threat

So who am I?

Well to start off I’m a minority

And I’m not liked by those that think they’re the superiority

And that’s because I’m Mexican

They don’t like me cause I’m not a “true” American?

Even though I was born here in the United States

However my birth certificate will still cause debates

But I understand that I have it easier than most

Because my dads skin is the color of a ghost

So I’m just seen as tanner than most whites

who’s been basking in a lot of UV lights

But that doesn’t excuse the racism

That’s being caused by those in favor of white nationalism

And led by the one who runs this nation

Who got a standing ovation

For saying that Mexicans bring drugs, crime, and are rapist

And yet he is still admired by his loyalist

However I’m proud of my Mexican heritage

And the hate they spread will not cause my heart any damage

So now I bring you to threat number two

Which will not surprise you

So who am I?

Well according to some

I should live under the mans thumb

And that’s because I’m a female

Which entails me to earn less according to the payscale

Just because I have bigger Breast

And if you show too much skin; you’re asking them to molest

But they get uncomfortable when your baby begins to eat

If you’re gonna do it, they at least want it behind a sheet

And they’re cool with two drunk girls who kiss

Unless it’s lgbt because then they’ll dismiss

Because if they can’t masturbate

Then their masculinity begins to disintegrate

Even through all this gender discrimination

I won’t allow myself to the feel the frustration

Because I will be strong and not weak

Therefore not allowing them to critique

So now on to threat number three

Which some will try to pray the devil out of me

So who am I?

Well some say it’s a phase

And I soon will succumb to a fiery blaze

And that’s because I’m gay

Which means the church next door begins to pray

And all the homophobic’s begin to shout

That my “kind” of people need to be wiped out

So the Westboro Baptist church gets involved

And believes hate is the only way for the problem to be solved

Which makes It harder to leave closet

Because we’ve just became an abuse target

But no matter what challenges I will face

I know the ones who I can embrace

And to my future wife

I can’t wait to live with you for the rest of my life

So who am I?

I am a Mexican women who happens to be queer

Who will fight for what’s right till everyone can adhere

That everyone deserves every bit of equality

And will continue the battle til it’s a reality

So that’s who I am

Now who are you?

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