Forbidden Romance
Forbidden Romance  forbidden romance stories

shanahan44 Community member
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This is about my friend. Who recently went through a hard breakup. These are the emotions she conveyed to me. So I thought I would make a poem.

Forbidden Romance

I look at you with a loving gaze

That my brain feels like it’s living in a maze

My love for you is so deep

That even god begins to weep

I gave you the key to my heart

That I never expected you to break apart

My body begins to shut down

That I start to feel like I’m about to drown

I can’t process what you’ve done

That I hope you’ve had your fun

My love, was it a game?

That you could claim?

I thought we had a connection

That we both shared the same affection

My heart now gets shy

That even you know why

I know I told you about my past

That I thought my love with you would be my last

My heart still craves for another chance

But I know you’re just a forbidden romance

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