How To Turn A Friend Into A Boyfriend: High School Dating Advice

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If you like a guy, here's how you turn him around

How To Turn A Friend Into A Boyfriend: High School Dating Advice

Friends act VERY differently from girlfriends so the main strategy will be around changing the settings in which you hand out....and flirting.

Remember. There is NO guarantee and you will need to take a shot for this to work. But if it does, it can be really worth it.

First off, try hanging out alone with your guy. Do things one on one rather than in groups. See a movie or do homework together.

Start simple. Even the act of hanging out one on one will make him more likely to think about the possibility of a relationship as well. Subtle!

Next up, subtle flirtation. This is a strong test that will give you a good idea of how he feels without directly asking.

Just the simple stuff. Try locking eyes with him for a few seconds and see if he leans closer as he's talking. Try gently touching his arm or putting your head on his shoulder.

If he touches you back or flirts back, you're in business!

Another really great way to hang out with your guy is to leverage school events. Ask him to go to dances, football games, etc.

Finally, the only full-proof way to do this.

Just tell him how you feel. Say something simple: "I really like you." Be upfront. I know it's hard. But if he truly is your friend, he'll be glad you told him, even if he doesn't feel the same.

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This was a well-written plan of operation but is was cynical and reprehensible. Some poor melon-headed guy skipping along the pathway of life is waylaid and his defenses are systematically torn down by this vixen this harpy who has invaded the poor lad's haven of safety. Before he can obtain a spell to repel her he has a ring firmly affixed in his nose and on his finger. I loved the advice and rued the fact that sixty years ago, I had probably succumbed to it on numerous occasions. Great post!!!

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i might just try this