Crazy Rich Asians is the best ever
Crazy Rich Asians is the best ever crazy rich asians stories
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go watch Crazy Rich Asians

Crazy Rich Asians is the best ever

the opening scene totally called out the classic stereotype people have on asians being like rich tourists and super cheap. get dunkt.

(the whole theater also gasped when they were talking about chinatown but i was lowkey like damn yall are really naive but im willing to bet half of you have at least thought that in your minds.

im not fucking dumb lmao)

the gossip and texting and shit in the beginning was so relatable

rachel didn’t know shit about proper wear and decorum and such and that’s why she called her mom for help and that’s a real ABC struggle honestly

male lead nick being portrayed as from a very traditionalist family but still being portrayed as sexy and buff and attractive, which challenges the hyposexualized nerdy asian male narrative

had a nice balance of little jokes that asian-americans can really identify with while still having a lot of jokes that don’t alienate a non-asian audience

the food scene!

highlighting the relationship between mother and son which in chinese families is often a lot bigger, stronger,

and more intense than in many other cultures and it was cool to see a relationship which i was taught was dysfunctional just treated as any normal relationship (obviously there are

actually dysfunctional mother-son relationships but chinese mothers and sons aren’t at that level even though lots of people always made it seem so for me growing up)

highlighting the relationship between mother and daughter which again in chinese families often involves a lot more struggle and pain than in many other cultures and seeing it portrayed in

a healthy and modern way was really nice

jokes about being asian that weren’t mean-spirited and racist lmao …. they exist guys

the cantonese and mandarin covers of songs like ‘yellow’ and ‘material girl’…..never knew i needed them in my life but i do

in short i love this movie

it meant a lot to me

go see it

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