7 Signs You're Super Awkward

shanaCommunity member
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I'm kinda awkward too

7 Signs You're Super Awkward

You make funny faces without even realizing

Eye contact? What? What do I do?

Do I look left? Do I keep making eye contact? Look right? Are my eyes open too big? Uh oh.

Handshakes freak you out

Is this a normal handshake? Or are we doing doing a chest bump? Or is it one of those that turns into a hug? Or does it have a fist bump after?

Dancing is the worst

Anything but dancing

You avoid people you know

See somebody you know in the hallway? RUN! No awkward interaction is going to happen on my watch!

You laugh at the wrong times.

My cat died. You: LOL Oh wait.....

You say awkward things to fill gaps of silence

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