6 Things To Try When You Can't Sleep
6 Things To Try When You Can't Sleep insomnia stories

shana Community member
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If you have trouble sleeping, this might be a fun thing to try!

6 Things To Try When You Can't Sleep

1. Make a Comma post about not being able to sleep

Oh......hey that's what I'm doing right now! But you can make a post about anything really. Like things you think about during the day

2. Listen to Ellen on your phone (don't watch)

She's hilarious and can help you clear your mind. Nothing too heavy, usually light and relaxing

3. Caffeine free tea or milk

Something warm that will keep you relaxed. Verbena tea is known to be helpful for insomnia

4. Listen to relaxing music

No no. Not heavy metal. Or rave music.....just some relaxing nature...

5. Do math homework.

If that can't get you to fall asleep, I don't know what will

6. Don't look at your phone or computer

The screen will keep you awake for dayz

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