5 Reasons Why Should Never Go To China
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shanaCommunity member
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China? No. No.

5 Reasons Why Should Never Go To China

You will NEVER be able to eat Panda Express again

The food is too good and you will NEVER be able to find anything like that in America

You might see a real panda

And pandas are scary!

You might learn some dangerous driving habits

Yes people drive much crazier in China....

You might die from the pollution

Not even kidding about this one.....

Worst of all....you might learn something new

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izal5416Bronze Commasave me
a year agoReply
All of these are so true when I went to China!! But something tells me these facts are meant to be sort of encouraging people to go there. When I went to Beijing the pollution wasn't very bad. Orrr, maybe it was just because I was 7 that time lol..!! And pandas are so dang cute!! I'm going to turn my puppy dog​ into a panda for Halloween this year XD